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oaptijaBasic information

Town, port and tourist center at the foot of Ucka Mountain.

It lies on Istria’s eastern coast in the Bay of Kvarner, 13 km southwest of Rijeka. It has the longest tourist tradition on the eastern coast of the Adriatic.

In 1844 the first villa for tourist purposes was built. The Croatian ban Josip Jelacic and Austria’s Empress Maria Ana visited Opatija in the past.

Kvarner, the first hotel on the Adriatic, was opened in Opatija. It was proclaimed the first climate resort. After hotel Opatija was built, the town became an elite destination.

The economy is based on tourism. The town has evergreen vegetation, as well as exotic plants around some of the villas.

The tourist offer includes all types of accommodation. Opatija has luxurious villas and hotels.

Guests have at their disposal various restaurants, numerous sports and recreational facilities, as well as cultural and entertainment events.


What to do?
Sightseeing of sv. Jakov church with elements from the 16th century, parish church Navjestenje Blazene Djevice Marije built in the fiorentina quattrocenta style and Villa Angiolina built in the style of Classicism, surrounded by exotic plants from China, Japan, Australia and South America.

Walks along the Lungomare Promenade that stretches from Volosko to Lovran or along Zora Promenade, built in the 19th century.


Those interested in diving course can register with the local diving clubs.

Organized cycling tours are also available.

Many of the Opatija's hotels have congress centers of different capacities.

Larger boats can dock in the outer part of the port, while smaller boats can dock in the inner part.

Marina for the boats is open throughout the whole year.

The most famous cultural and entertainment events are carnival festivities in January and February, the international sailing regatta in May, as well as the Opatija Sailing Cup in November.


KrkKrkKrkBaška, island KrkSoline, island KrkOpatija12.jpgOpatija23.jpgVeprinac-view07.jpgSelce1.jpgOpatija13.jpgSelce2.jpgveprinac-05.jpgVrbnik5.jpgVrbnik8.jpgOpatija24.jpgVeprinac-view05.jpgBakar3.jpgselce4.jpgveprinac09.jpgVeprinac02.jpgVeprinac-view03.jpgKvarner01.jpgVeprinac-view06.jpgveprinac-07.jpgOpatija21.jpgOpatija26.jpgVeprinac01.jpgOpatija22.jpgOpatija20.jpgKraljevica-Shipyard2.jpgVeprinac03.jpgVrbnik6.jpgLungo-Mare-Promenade-.jpgBakar2.jpgOpatija16.jpgselce3.jpgOpatija-08.jpgistra-kvarner2-058.jpgVeprinac-view02.jpgOpatija19.jpgVrbnik-cellars-1.jpgOpatija06.jpgOpatija25.jpgVrbnik2.jpgOld-scripts-in-Vrbnik.jpgOpatija-13.jpgVrbnik7.jpgOpatija03.jpgVrbnik1.jpgOpatija04.jpgOpatija17.jpgBakar1.jpgKvarner's-flora.jpgOpatija18.jpgKraljevica-Shipyard1.jpgOpatija14.jpgVeprinac-view01.jpgOpatija-09.jpgistra-kvarner2-052.jpgVrbnik3.jpgOpatija-11.jpgVrbnik4.jpgveprinac-04.jpgveprinac-06.jpgOpatija15.jpgVrbnik9.jpgOpatija01.jpgVeprinac-08.jpgOpatija02.jpgOpatija07.jpgVrbnik-cellars-2.jpgOpatija11.jpgFrom-Opatija-to-rijeka.jpgVeprinac-view04.jpgOpatija-10.jpgveprinac17.jpgOpatija05.jpg

information source: Generalturist

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