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Zagreb,Church of St. Mark the EvangelistCapital and largest city of the Republic of Croatia.

It has an area of 641,355 km2 and 779 145 inhabitants (figures from 2001).
Zagreb is the cultural, research, economic, political and administrative center of the Republic of Croatia.
Furthermore, it is the seat of the Croatian parliament (Sabor) and the Croatian Government.

The most important industrial branches are production of electrical machines and appliances, chemical, pharmaceutical and textile industry, food processing and beverage industry, as well as the tobacco industry.
Zagreb is also an important international trade and business center, as well as the traffic center of Central and Eastern Europe.
Zagreb is one of Croatia’s largest tourist centers, not only for transit, but also as a destination of many tourist groups.
The city is the center of congress tourism, business events and fairs, not only of Croatia, but also of this part of Europe. 

Favorite souvenirs from Zagreb are known the world over and include: penkala (fountain pen) invented by Slavoljub Penkala from Zagreb over 80 years ago, and the cravat (tie) that was named after the Croatian cavaliers who, in the period from the Thirty Year War in the 17th century to the French Revolution, fought on European battlefields carrying their characteristic kerchiefs around their necks.
Apart from that, you can get crystal, ceramics, and china artifacts, beautiful straw and wicker baskets, first class Croatian wines and other gastronomic products.

Numerous restaurants in Zagreb serve specialties of local and international cuisine.
Make sure to taste turkey, duck or goose with mlinci (traditional baked noodles), strukle (cooked pastry filled with cheese), cheese with cream and orehnjaca (walnut loaf).
Seeing as Zagreb is near the sea, fresh seafood is available in seafood restaurants.
The city has many fast food restaurants for fast food lovers.
There are several sports and recreational centers in Zagreb.

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